Dear Theo,The trip to Amsterdam was the longest trip in my life and trying to stay up all night long to attempt to avoid jet lag is a terrible idea. Our first stop was St. Louise (2 hour drive). We took our flight to Houston, Texas (roughly 2 hours). Then we took a nine hour and some odd minute flight straight to Amsterdam. I didn't get much rest on the plane when I was in the air. By the time we got to Amsterdam I was in need of a shower and sleep. But, no. It was 8:30 am in Amsterdam and it was time to walk. We met our guide, John, and headed out. Even though we were all exhausted, finally being in the Netherlands Woke us up. We were all blown away by the beauty of everything.We then caught a bus to our Botel (boat hotel) and tried to check in. We were not allowed to put our things in our rooms because they weren't ready. Apparently it's kind of a casual thing. We then stuffed all of our things into a tiny room/closet thing and went out for our first tour of the city.We got to ride a ferry into town. We quickly learned that it was going to be our portal into Amsterdam and it would eventually become habitual to us. It was our portal into the culture shock that is Amsterdam. We took the Canal Curse. It was awesome. But because I was exhausted and on the verge of 34 hours of no sleep, I fell asleep. I went out like a baby.I woke up to someone calling my name and telling me it's time to leave and head back to the Botel.We took the ferry back and our room was ready. We relaxed for an hour and it was dinner time. We had a a salad that resembled my father's yard trimmings. Then we were served a beef dish and fries and mayo. There is now a hole in my heart that can only be filled with fries and mayo.After dinner, the smart thing to do would be to go to bed. I didn't I decided to run about the town and see what there was to the time we booked the trip, it was unannounced to the group that it would be Queen's Day. Queen's day is the day that the queen celebrates her Birthday and throws a two day party. However, the Queen was not there for the party.The streets where packed. We basically ran around that night and collected Queen's Day and Amsterdam goodies.I went to bed that night in a bubbly haze of joy. I was excited about what the Netherlands could offer me and what I could give it back in return. To the Netherlands: We are to be friends. We can learn so much from each other and still have more to give. You are my new muse.

Posted at 11:11 PM by Andrew Rutherford